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There are all kinds of things consumers can buy readymade, that are adequate for their needs. However, the world of personal finance is different than making a decision of what apple sauce to buy. Having less than tasty apple sauce at a given dinner is a minor inconvenience. On the other hand, not having a wealth building plan in place or having the wrong plan can literally be devastating to the future of our families and ourselves.

At Unified Planning Group, we do not believe in off the shelf, one size fits all strategies. Sure, there are certain commonalities between approaches. However, we believe in the personal approach.

At Unified Planning Group we believe in:

  1. Helping inform our clients of wealth building strategies.
  2. Helping our clients put into action appropriate wealth building strategies for their circumstances.
  3. Not using a one size fits all approach.
  4. Being ethical, honest and accessible.
  5. Steering clients away from the desire for immediate gratification and quick profits in favor of long term wealth building. Long term wealth building, in our opinion, gives the best yield and may help to abate risks which otherwise might occur with a short term outlook.