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Love Commitment

June 19, 2018

Together, let’s think of all the things we have in the world which make our lives better. To simplify this task, let’s organize these things by tiers, from most important to least important.

In the first tier I would put our children, if we have them, our wife or husband, our dear friends, our home, our work certainly; which provides value to the world and so makes us valuable. Perhaps, we might add to this grouping an interest or hobby we are passionate about.

The next tier has things that are more mundane yet still valuable. This is the sort of stuff we don’t think much about, but we would sorely miss these items if they were suddenly gone. Consider our car, refrigerator, air conditioner, home heating system, etc.

Ah yes. I forgot something. Paper towels! And I’m not “being cute,” as my dad would say. I am a big fan of them and have used them for things ranging from drying off after a shower (one time in a pinch, long story) to blowing my nose when I have a cold (more resilient than tissues.)

It occurs to me that virtually all the things in our lives that are good – irrespective of the tier we have put them in – have come to us as a result of a commitment.

Do we have and keep our jobs or run thriving businesses because we show up whenever we feel like it, or because we are consistent and reliable?

Do we succeed and excel in our endeavors because we are inconstant, or is it because we devote ourselves to our tasks with purpose?

Do we create and maintain wonderful friendships with excellent people because the moment things get tough we bail out on them or is it because we stand with them through their challenges as they have stood with us?

Have we brought children into this world only to abandon them or are we committed to doing all we can to protect and provide for them?

If we choose the former in all the questions posed above, as opposed to the latter, what can we expect to get in return from our work, endeavors, relationships, or children? Little, I suspect. I believe that mostly, though perhaps not always, we get what we give.

Everything we have that is good in our lives is the result of a commitment. Cars and refrigerators and even paper towels exist because of the commitments made by inventors, innovators, engineers, business people, etc. Oh, and our commitment to acquire those things to improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Nothing good comes without commitment.

In my practice however, I cannot tell you how many times I have seen otherwise bright, talented, family oriented and responsible people suddenly balk at the mere suggestion of a financial commitment; as if by avoiding a commitment to secure their futures and protect their families they have dodged some kind of bullet or avoided falling into a trap.

I challenge each of you to make an inventory of all the things in your life that you truly value. Then consider what went into creating them. I promise you will find commitment bonded to each. I believe you will see as I have that commitment is not to be feared or avoided but desired and embraced.

Make a commitment to yourself, your family and your future. When it comes to your money, let your sigil be the arrow, not the weathervane, so to speak. Make a well thought out plan and stay committed to it. Instead of falling for the newest investment fad, and the next, and the next.

Commit, commit, commit, commit, commit.

And if that was not clear enough – commit. Commit willingly and commit gleefully, for the benefit of you and yours.
If you like, consult with a financial services representative you trust to set up a programmed savings commitment. 


Scott R. McGimpsey June 19th, 2018

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